Sunday, December 26, 2004

A few bits of the Sky Stone

Who knows if Anna Grayson's mysterious 'Sky' stone is truly Aerinite?

Was that merely a suggestion made by an amateur geologist, or has it been positively ID'd ?

This odd blue rock was found in a souvenir stand by BBC's award-winning Hertfordshire geologist Mrs Grayson on a vacation trip in Morocco with her husband Dr Clark (also BBC). She thought it was really rare, a very rare kind of blue, and kept it in a drawer for a few years, then chose to have it properly analyzed.

It was Dr Gordon Cressey from the Natural History Museum (yes, Cromwell Road) who initially determined that this was indeed an undescribed type of mineral. It was reported that the microscopic structure reflects a kaleidoscopic complex mineral made of millions of crystals. Incidentally, when examined in detail, these crystals show fibers, not unlike asbestos. Is it carcinogenic, then?

Anna also said in an interview, ""As you revolve it under the microscope, the colours change from purple to blue to cream" - well, that's really, really odd, don't you think? One can read a little more about it in Javier Sierra's 'En Busca de la Edad de Oro' (2000).

If anyone has a picture of it, please send it my way.


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