Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dancing Coffins in Barbados - Weird Caribbean (2)

The Chase Vault is not, as its deceiving name may point out, a banking facility. Instead, it is a small crypt located in a godforsaken cemetery in the island of Barbados.

The story of the dancing coffins has been told too many times in different versions - but by far my favorite website of all for this matter is this one. For a quick summary of the tale, however, I also recommend this one.

Truth or Fiction? A blend? Jason Moore, a pharmacist from Kentucky did a fantastic job in providing the ultimate virtual tour to one of the most famous classic spook locations in the Caribbean...

So now you know where to go, if you happen to visit that charming island. I wonder where the lead coffin (Thomas Chase's) ended? Buried somewhere else, I imagine.


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