Sunday, December 26, 2004

Diving for the 'Mary Celeste' - Weird Caribbean (1)

If for some humanitarian reason you happen to be traveling to Haiti and (1) have some leisure time and some spare money and (2) are deep into adventure tourism (diving in exotic locations), the wreck of the famous 'Mary Celeste' might be a choice for you. The exact location of the wreck was discovered in 2001 by Clive Cussler, the bestselling author. It's right by a small island where the natives' houses are made of seashells! There are sharks, so go prepared. Email me if you want more specifics, like the GPS coordinates.

For those unfamiliar with the Mary Celeste: 1872, the ship was found drifting in the Azores, no signs of violence, no captain, no wife, no baby, no crew, nothing... a true mystery of the high seas. What happened to them? Pirates? Mass suicide? Definitely a subject well worth researching online. Read the inquest, check the different theories and give it a shot with your own conjecture...


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