Sunday, December 26, 2004

Of classic disappearances in the jungle

Take, for example, the classic disappearances in the jungle:

May 1925: Col. Fawcett mysteriously vanishes in an expedition around the Xingu River, Brazil. His son Jack and a friend, Raleigh Rimmell, were with him. None ever returned. Several expeditions to find him turned out to be unsuccessful. Was he killed by the Kalapalo indians, or by the snakes/mosquitoes/river rapids?

November 1961: Michael Rockefeller, son of Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, is suddenly lost in the coast of the New Guinea jungle off the mouth of the wild River Eilanden, in the Arafura Sea (West Papua, Irian Jaya, now a part of Indonesia). Were cannibals (the Asmat) responsible for his death? Or was it the crocodile infested sea? (yes, crocodiles can be found in that sea). A huge expensive search effort ends without a clue.

The amount of information/misinformation covering these events is truly vast.

So, what is it about these mysteries that fascinates us?


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